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Terms and Condition

‘Business Day’ implies a day (other Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) (any Government open occasion)
Contract implies the agreement between the company and the Client for the providing services government by the terms and condition.
Client implies to a person or business who will be purchases services from the Company and those information details are set in the order.
Company implies oursnapchat.com is owned and managed by Easy Click Computer Software.
Order implies to Client placed an order through agree to the Company’s Quotation form.
Order form implies to when a client quotation form counter –signature by the client which comes under these term and condition shall joined contract.
Quotation implies the written quota prepared by the company in which entitled its proposals for services provided to clients.
Services implies to services the Company will intimate to client as mention in the Order.
Specifications implies to the description or specification listed of services in the Order details.
Terms implies to terms and condition will changed at any time by the company.
White Label Work implies to services provided by the company to a client who will be re-brands these services as their own particular for the advantage of their customer.

1.2 Where as these terms are mention in singular form, but – it’s meant for plural form of words. These conditions mention words which will be applicable for all genders.
1.3. The headings above document mention for accommodation just and should not influence the development of these Terms.

2.1 These terms will be apply to all agreements agreed between the Company and the Client to asked to add any other terms that the clients looking to impose or added, or which will be implied by trade, custom, practice or courses of dealing.
2.2 These terms and the order may changes by express in written document between the Company and the Client.
2.3 Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE.
2.4 United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile.

3.1 The Order constitutes with promotion offer by the client to buy the services as per these terms. The Client shall make sure that the terms of the order are specific are fulfill requirements.
3.2 The Order shall only be just the acceptance when Company issues a formulated on written document acceptance of the order, or when the Company has started to provide Services according to order, which even happens first, at point the contract should appear.
3.3 The Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the Company has to provide the Services to the Client and for the Client to purchase those services, in according to these term and conditions.
3.4 The Client has agreed and there was no replies on any statement, promise or representation made or give on behalf of the Company which is not mention at contract. Any illustration, samples or advertising and promotional issued by the Company and any descriptions contained illustration in the Company’s information or brochures are issued and has been published by sole giving an approximate idea of the services provided in them. They shall not part of agreement and between the Client and the Company will supply of services.
3.5 A Quotation given by the Company for the Services shall not constitute an offer. A Quotation shall only be valid for a period of time duration – 14 Working days from the issue date.
3.6 For anything related White Label work the Client understand and agrees that the Company have no contractual Business relationship and so, there shouldn’t be any ultimate Client with whom the Client has agree to perform the White Label Work.

4.1. The company will be provide the services as mention on the Order form with reasonable care and effort according to material respect with specification from the Client.
4.2. The Company shall use all the requirement to meet any performance dates according the specification in the Order, but, this date shall be estimated only and time will not be the essence for delivery the service. The Company shall not be liable for any delay in delivery on the Services occurred be a Force Majeure event or the Client’s failure to provide the company with adequate or any other instruction relevant to the supply of the services.
4.3. The Company has rights to make any changes to the services which is necessary and applicable any law.
4.4. The Company shall be qualified to use a Group Company or another subcontractors for the provision of the Services will be always the Company shall remain obligated to the Client for the execution of the Services as though it has been carried them itself.

5.1. The Client shall intimate assistance with technical information to the Company, as reason to require by the Company in sufficient time to staff the execution of the Order in accordance with any estimated delivery dates mention with requirement. The Client will be only sole responsibility for ensuring the right information provided to the Company and  undertakes to the Company that the Clients employees assisting in the execution of the Order has necessary skills and rights to authority to place an Order.
5.2. The Client shall be legally execute someone as quickly as possible and within the deadline to comment on and or approval material provide under the services, includes without any limitation, search terms and graphic content or material submitted by the Company. In addition, to the Client shall be executing as quickly as possible and within the deadline given by the Company to implement the any changes on website, any information technology systems or where it may be required by the Company.
5.3. The Client shall make any legal execute to inform the Company immediately of changes of Domain name, on Web Page, technical setup and other Information in regarding which may affect the Services by the Company.
5.4. If the Client neglects to undertake those act or provide those information required under this clause 5 with timeframe given by the Company (allotted time will be 15business days from the date requested by the Company) the company has right to make decision to Invoice for the services has been made supplied and the remaining Services mention in the Order shall or will they provide services able to deliver them.
5.5. The Client shall reimburse and stay with the repaid completely against all liabilities, expenses, cost for whatsoever and howsoever brought about by the Company in regard from any Third parties as the outcome of the Services as mention in the Order, details or the Content of the Client’s Advertising or Web pages which result in claims or Property Rights owned by the third parties, or for defamation.
5.6. As standard we have policy that the Services and unless generally mention, in writing to Client might be in charge for the implementing and optimization changes recommended by the Company. As result in certain cases the Company will allow for amendments for providing existing optimization, the client shall be allowed to use the Website’s FTP or content management system username and password to get access to add additional keywords.
5.7. The Company should provide the earlier notification be given for any amendments to the Client’s website pages that will affect the services provided by the Company. If the clients has made any amendment to the Client’s site and Web pages this shall result to influences the search engine and the Company shall not be held responsible.
5.8. The Company advices the Client adding consistent, content to its Website will help enhances ranking within Search engine, and with regular updating the client should understand, unique content plays an important part for the achievement of a website and failure to add unique content will impact of SEO services.
5.9. In regards with all White Label Work the Client shall compensation the Company against all liabilities, cost, expenses and losses (In addition to damages direct or indirect or losses, loss of Profit, bring down the reputation and all interest, Penalties and Legal and other Professional costs and expenses) which will be connection with the Contract between the Client and their Clients for the White Label Work.

6.1. Unless generally expressly expressed, all costs should be in US dollars and shall be exclusive on VAT and other duties. In the Event that duties presented or changed after the finish the Order, the Company might be entitles to modify accordingly to agreed costs likewise.
6.2. The Client recognizes that Specific Services may include the licenses of third party Intellectual Property Rights and so the clients may also require to enter into a license directly with such Third party.  Unless generally expressly mention or specified, all prices shall be exclusive of overall cost which includes procurement of intellectual Property Rights  for materials to be incorporated into Marketing, including if need or relevant without any limitations Picture and Licenses  from the Third Party Proprietors and Licensors.
6.3. Likewise every effort is made to ensure that prices is precise, the Company claims all authority to alter any estimate, changes made to an Order.

7.1. The Company might receipt the Client, either ahead of time or following Services delivered to the Client. Before, the Company carry out any work Client are usually asked to provide a non- refundable charges as deposit fees.  It will be like rent deposit and will be counter Balance against last Invoices. When the work in an order is will be completed.  Therefore, if the client does not pay an invoice.  The company wouldn’t do any further work until the deposit is replaced.
7.2. The Client can pay each invoice submitted by the Company within 10 working days of the Date from the Invoice.
7.3. The Client should pay all amount without due under the Contract or with holding any Payment as required by law and The Client can’t entitle to assert to claim to Credit or counter claim against the Company in the Order to make justification withholding any amount in part or in whole.
7.4. In the event of overdue payment, The Company can accrue on the invoice amount as late payment of commercial charges $10 to cover administrative charges.
7.5. Late payment shall be considered as constituting a material breach of the Contract entitling the Company (at its discretion) to cancel the Contract or to affirm the Contract and assert the usual remedies for breach.
7.6. If the Service can’t be conveyed either in full or to some extent because of The Client failure to assist or delay in assisting on execution of the order, the company will be entitled to charges estimated amount according to invoice, in regarding to the Amount due the services been rendered in according with the Order. The company shall be entitled to Payment based on the Company amount can be added time to time for any addition work required because of the client failure to assist or delay in assisting.
7.7. If the Client alternately requires the company to Complete to work with in short time duration of time than specified in the order, the company have right to charge additional for the early such project before the time estimated in the Pre-Planned work.
7.8 We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in AED (or any other agreed currency).
7.9 The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.
7.10 If you make a payment for our products or services on our website, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment provider via a secured connection.

8.1 Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.
8.2 There will be no Refund will be provided for Templates Order.
8.3 Order should be 12hours before the event time, and order can be processed with short time duration. No refund provided, it depends on the case to case basis

9.1 In the Event, the Services are delayed or not in according with as per Contract, the company should redelivery, at its responsibilities with regards immediately. In the event of order can’t be in according with the contract, the Client shall be entitled to cancel the Order in according to with clause. (13.2a)
9.2. Complaints in delay of Contract shall be entitle to Submitted immediately after the time, when the Client become aware of the Order. If the clients fails to bring the defect the Client neglects to bring the deformity (unless by it’s extremely nature it is difficult to discover inside such a period) to the consideration of the Company inside 48 hours the Client might be regarded to have acknowledged the Services and not be entitled to remedies based on delay of contract.
9.3. The Client acknowledges that certain Services depend upon the Product and Services been provided by the third Party Services. The Client acknowledges that third party services are governed by the third parties Team and Condition and that the Company can’t provide any assurance of the third party Services which will not liable to the client in case of any delay in respect of the same. Suppliers of Third Party Services may give their own guarantees to the Client and the Client must fulfill itself regardless of whether such guarantees (where given) are worthy for the Client’s business purposes or hazard administration policies.
9.4. The Company only responsible in regards of the third party is to take responsible care and expertise while choosing the providers of the same.
9.5. The Client offers remedies for the late delivery or services not confirming with the contract are as specified in the section8 and, in these terms have been exhausted, the client has final come to remedies to cancellation of the contract and the company is to refund any payment for services not confirmed with the contract, which will be subjected to section 9 mention below.
9.6. The company will not refund, in the event of a problem. The Company will repay the client by providing snap filters for the same time which is mention on the original order.

10.1 According which is expressed in the clause 9, the Company shouldn’t have any liability to the Client any loss or damage what so may occur or in connection with the provision of the Order or any claim made against the Client by any Third party.
10.2. Without any preference to the statement of section9.1 over the Company shouldn’t have any liability for the any loss or damage which might be endured by the Client whether the same or suffered directly or indirectly or any immediate which comes under the following below:

  1. a) Any in direct loss arising under or in relation to the contract event through the Company without aware condition in which such loss could arise.
  2. b) Loss of benefits, loss of expected investment saving, loss of business opportunity’s or good will.
  3. C) Loss of data information.
  4. d) Fraudulent taps on any of the Client’s records overseen by the Company.

10.3. To the extend such liable is not excluded by sub- clauses 9.1,9.2 and section 10 below The company responsibility regardless of whether in contract under or regarding the contract or in view of any claim for repayment or contribution (which includes for damage to tangible property) or in generally won’t exceed the total sum invoices for the services.

11.1 The Company shall not take any responsibility for downtime, interference in the order form of hacking, Virus, disruptions, failure third party software, search engines. The company will take it responsible effort to guide in to find solution, if so requested by the Client. Any work connected to fine solution effort as describes above shall be charged to the client in addition with these terms or (at the company desertion) the Company’s prices and charges will be applicable accordingly.
11.2. The Company will not be responsible for any changes made without priority notice or by the third party or the client in their domain name, websites, and links technical setup. The work linked with any adjustment required, these changes shall be charges to the client in according on term or on the basis of the company price list are entitled accordingly.
11.3. The Company shall use all reasonable endeavors to produce Services relating to SEO, links, advertising, banner, Pay per click and google analysis in relation with guideline to the related to search engine.  Therefore, The Company shall not be responsible for late performance due to changes made on term,
11.4. The company shall not be responsible for the Services linked to SEO, link building, advertisement, banners or which leads to minimum the number of viewer. The company will not be responsible for certain volume of traffic, number of clicks, or the like.

12.1. It is the obligation of the Client to guarantee that they have the privilege to utilize any Intellectual Property Rights when they give any content, picture or portrayal (“Materials”) to the Company.
12.2. The Client shall be only responsible to the content and material which the Client given on order form or on email, and approved are which is offends against law of legislation, marketing rules or any other third party rights. The Company has legal right to cancel the order or delete such material.
12.3 The Client shall be asked to do something against law, to notify the other Party without any delay of any aware of any claims against a party.
12.4 The Intellectual Property Right are create in the Order right created, developed, are used with the Services and whether in related the Company or the relevant third party from whom the Company has acquired, such document and perform such acts can be changes accordingly.
12.5 The Legal right as mention on section 11.2 shall not be used copies to forward Online and offline activities without any separate document in written agreement.
12.6 The Client as part of execution of an order, the client shall only acquire not transferable license to use material until the agreement under the services contract.
12.7. During the term of the Contract period end from the date of conclusion, the company will take of as the company and its own personal data, it doesn’t disclose to any third party.
12.8 If the legal issues in section 12.1 shall not apply to any information which publicly available a breach of this agreement. Company’s possession without an accompanying obligation of confidence, is independently developed by the Company, or which the Company is required to disclose by law.
12.9 The company and the Client agrees to obligation under the Data Protection act.
12.10 The Client is responsible to indemnify the company for any loss, which include any legal proceedings, the Company a result of the Personal Data Protection act or marketing law

13.1 This the limitation on their other rights, the company and the client may terminate the contract with effect by giving in written document if the each party agrees to terminate.
13.2 The company shall, in addition to all the other legal rights and solution under these term be entitled to terminate the contract, with any intimation noticed in the event that any changes for the service are not paid.
13.3In the event of termination, for any reason, the company and the client has responsibility to retained all material to company without any due. If relevant, the client shall be responsible to remove codes etc., without delay from the website. If the client doesn’t changes to do so, the company shall be entitles to charges the client in line with according to current terms and condition.
13.4 The company shall be entitled to assigned or subleasing any of its rights under the contract with these terms and condition. The client should acknowledges that certain of the will be by third party.

14.1 Both party shall not liable to be Force Majeure Events.
14.2 If the Client or the Company believes that a Force Majeure Event as emerges, such party can Conway to other party to start or end.
14.3 If the each party can be entitled to terminate the Contract without liability, by informing to other party in written notice.

15.1 (Website) will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE”.
15.2 Multiple shipments/delivery may result in multiple postings to the cardholder’s monthly statement.

16.1  The Company has right to alter or discontinue, time being or permanently, the Service with or without notice the Client and the company shall not be responsible for the client or to any third party for any alternation or discontinuance of these Services save for the return of any prepaid sums.
16.2 The Company shall be free to provide its Services to Third Parties.
16.3 In the term of Contract for the period of time 12 months thereafter, the Client agrees not to employ or engage or offer to employ or engage anyone designated by the Company to work on the Services.
16.4 The failure of either Party to implement or to exercise at any time or at any time period right pursuant to their terms does not constitute.
16.5. In any case, the Company found any illegal, unenforceable under any law. Insofar as it is sever-able from the remaining Terms, be deemed omitted from these Terms and shall in no way affect the legality, validity or enforce ability of the remaining Terms which shall continue in full force and effect and be binding on the parties to the Contract.
16.6. Any valid alteration to or variation of these Terms must be in written signed on behalf of each of the parties by duly authorized officers.
16.7. A person who is not a party to the Contract shall not have any rights under or in Connection with it.
16.8. All notices must be in writing to oursnapchat.com as such address as is advised by the Company.

17.1 This Agreement and the Attachments hereto constitute the and prior agreement between the contracting parties concerning the subject matter hereof. All prior agreements, discussions, representations, warranties and covenants are merged herein. There are no warranties, representations, covenants or agreements, expressed or implied, between the parties except those expressly set forth in this agreement.