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OurSnapchat F.A.Q.

Would you like to ask any questions about Snapchat or OurSnapchat? E- Mail: support@oursnapchat.com us for more information on it. We will get back to you very soon.

Oursnapchat geofilter is a creative design agency for snapchat geofilters. We create filter which matches theme of events and your business events too, by add your logo with cooperate colours.

Make sure that snapchat has be access at your location. It can be used at your specific time of the events at your location.

Currently geofilter are allowed to work in Australia, Europe, USA, UK, and UAE.

Why geofilter is different and more popular, because it can be access to certain location which is pre-selected on snapchat. If person need access to geofilter,should be within specific area. We need exacts start time and end time and specific location. Where the filter can be active and live to access for the events.

We can create filter for your personal event to make it more fun and memorable for the event. Like, Birthday, sweet16th, wedding, and baby shower, for any family special occasion’s at home or venue of your event location.

Are you a business owner or hosting an events? Do like have custom snapchat geofilter?It’s also a perfect way to get customers engage with different demographical, to make your brand promotion in any social events. Cultural festival, public events, sports events, night club, Promotional events, fundraisers, cooperate events, university events, and etc,.

Geofilter is also cheapest way of marketing strategy , to make your brand name can in front thousands of customers with short time hours. By create a geofilter for at your store with in location, we can engage every customers to use the snapchat at your event or location, we can also design a layout brand ambassadors will be sharing photos and video with band logo.

We can also send the statistical report of your filter was used. How many people can view photos with you band logo. A filter use = a click and a view = an impression.



Template order are process in less than 24 hours, for fully custom designed geofilter, order should be places minimum  3 working days, which includes additional charges. Oursnapchat designer need maximum of 10hours before the events should be approved from Customers.

This will never happens with our designer work. We make it work with necessary correction to make sure your geofilter approved to make live on your event.

When an order place with 24hours before the events, it will be consider with additional cost. With fully custom with cartoon design filter need minimum 3days for working before the event. If not so, it will come with addition charges of $25.

We will be working one to one to make sure to satisfaction with our design filter. Oursnapchat design team can make small revision to every design without no addition cost. Oursnapchat designer will welcome you as much you describe in details, it helps us to understandwhat your requirement is. All major correction will be addition cost of $10 to $20 depending upon your artwork.

Yes, you can cancel you order, if designer has not started working on your filter.  We will refund full payment. Oursnapchat designer team has started working on it, work half way. We will not refund full payment, we can only refund 25% cost.

Not really, once you place an order you will be receive an e-mail.  Thank you for order oursnapchat geofilter. Will description with cost of it. Once the payment is process done, description will be escalated to oursnapchat designing team. ……………………